SAP S/4HANA Migration

ModernEaze starts from the Discovery phase all the way into the deployment and further into Run phase.

Why Migrate?

This is a frequent question that comes to mind for customers when thinking about migration. Many customers finds the current solutions and implementation “doing the job”. SAP has the best in class solutions for enterprises for any industry. The end to end capabilities makes SAP unique and helps customers scale and grow.

SAP S/4 HANA is rated the best cloud based enterprise solution. With SAPs core expertise in business process combined with the technical innovations make S/4 HANA a clear leader.

By migrating to S/4 HANA, the biggest benefit is about modernizing the current environment to an environment providing all the latest innovations - in every aspect of the SAP.

Apart from the standard maintenance support ending in 2027, the benefits like lower TCO, SAP BTP, benefits and innovations of cloud based services are a few reasons to migrate. In addition, its a great opportunity to re-validate the current process, look for simplification and de-commission some of the unused code, processes and data.
As an analogy, its like moving of an existing office building to an ultra modern, futuristic, energy efficient building. In the move, you get advantages of all the modern features of the new building, and in addition can discard and leave behind all the unused things that do not bring any value in carrying forward.

So get ready, Invest in the future with the success in the past.

How to get started?

This is a common issue which many of the customers face. How to get started on the migration journey? Here are the few tips that helps you get started.

Discover - This is an assessment phase of the existing landscape and the high level assessment of the complexity drivers. The level of customizations, the current functionalities used, system landscape, existing integration, active ongoing project and code freeze strategy, roll out requirements are a few areas to consider.

ModernEaze has a discovery services which would help customers get started and define a roadmap to successful migration.
We collaborate and work with the customers - since every customer is different and needs dedicated approach.

How can ModernEaze help?

ModernEaze provides a holistic services be it a brownfield or greenfield approach for Private edition of S/4 HANA or Public edition. ModernEaze can help in the following phases, and we adopt the SAP Activate Methodology for RISE with SAP S/4HANA Cloud Private Edition.

Discover : This involves in define migration strategy, planning, defining an initial blueprint, roadmap and high level estimates and roadmap to get started with migration and also to get the stakeholder consensus.

Prepare & Explore : This phase gets into more detailed functional and technical analysis to prepare and sequence the list of activities, deep dive into functional workshops, identification of gaps and solution assessments, detailed planning for execution, communications strategy, downtime planning, code freeze planning to name a few.

Realize : ModernEaze would perform all the steps leading into deployment like solution configuration, development of extensions, address the gaps, sample data migration and validation, cutover planning and preparation and sign off, communications and change management reviews Deploy The big day has arrived. Its time to execute all the planning and efforts that has been done. This includes the readiness checks, dress rehearsal, cutover steps, system go-live, initial go-live support leading to handover.